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Get our Brand Workshop to your email and understand the process needed to create or improve your brand.  We’ve helped hundreds of companies with amazing branding and this free workshop will guide you through our process.

What is the outcome?

Understanding the brand

You and your team will understand what the brand is, making all the subsequent squishy decisions about visual, voice, and identity easier.

A clear identity for employees

Help new employees understand what your company is about, and can even remind the founding team what you stand for.

Send a coherent message to your users 

It will help you connect with your audience, building a relationship based on trust around the brand values and identity.

Your 20-year roadmap

Look into your future and think about the long-term vision of the brand

What should I expect?

The What, How and Why

Remind yourself why you’re in business and the motivation behind it.

Your True Three Values

Make your ‘Why’ more specific by generating and ranking your values

Your Audience

You need to know who you’re talking to and who is most important

Slide Your Personality

Define the attitude and style of your brand

The Competition

Compare your brand to those around you







Note: All the workshop can be completed in 3 hours, although we recommend you take your time.

Fortnight re-skinned and re-designed our app from the ground up. We had an MVP however this agency took it to the next level. They help us conceptualise our brand by building a new website, new brand and enhanced the UX and UI of the app to real bring it to life.

George Rawlings, Co-Founder & CEO at Thursday